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Founded in Lunéville in 1954, Lorraine Cosmétique (LORCOS) develops, manufactures and packages solid and liquid hygiene and beauty products for national and international brands. Today, Lorcos works with a large number of regional, national and global brands in the perfume, skin-cosmetics and pharmacy industries.

  • 1954Creating SEPA

    SEPA company is established in 1954 in Boulogne in Paris area by René Hirsch Labouesse. It manufactures and markets household and wiping products.
  • 1968Implantion in Lunéville

    Invited to set up in Lorraine region, SEPA company moved from Boulogne to Lunéville.
  • 1976Soap factory

    In order to expand its offering and add hygiene to household products, in 1976 the company tool up her production lines for the manufacture of soap.
  • 1980The production of liquid products

    SEPA adapts itself to the evolution of the hygiene market by producing his first shower gels. Alongside the maintenance sector is gradually abandoned.
  • 1985Purchase of the Lutterbach soap factory

    The acquisition of the Lutterbach soap factory enables SEPA to enter the hotel market and give access to mastering for syndets.
  • 1989Construction of a new factory

    In 1991, SEPA moved into a purpose built factory.
  • 1991Departure of the creator and taking over by the group Steinfeld

    In 1991, Mr. Labouesse gives SEPA to the Switzerland group Steinfeld.
  • 1997SEPA becomes Lorcos

    The soap groupe Bernard (soap master makers from Nantes since 5 generations) acquired the SEPA and renamed it Lorcos (Lorraine Cosmétique)Lorraine Cosmétique).
  • 2009Emulsions and care products

    Lorcos developing its offering by implementing a production line dedicated to the emulsions and care products.
  • 2010The solid shampoo

  • 2014The powder shampoo

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